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Original Oil Painting
24" x 30"
On 1.5" Gallery Wrapped Canvas 
Framed in Natural No Float Frame 25" x 31" x 2"
Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipment.


Life and nature mirror each other.
People are the flowers in life. 
They're planted. They're nurtured. They grow.  
Unfurling like a flower in a slow motion time-lapse video.
And, like flowers, every person blooms at a different pace.  
So be patient.
Unfurl your talents... Unfurl your dreams... 
Bloom! Be you! 
Express your inner beauty. Then... let it shine. 

I had this idea for a painting last fall as I was thinking of my journey thru life and hearing other artist's stories about how they arrived to where they are. It also comes to mind when I think of my children, and how they've grown and blossomed into the beautiful adults they are now. And thoughts are going towards my grandson as I'm watching him grow. 
All I needed to do is come up with the perfect flower starting to bloom. In my extended research, I found this sunflower at the perfect growth stage... exactly as I envisioned it.
The individual petals represent the different stages of life unfolding individually.

Unfurling Framed Original Oil Painting

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