Artist Statement

“Art has always been a passion of mine in one form or another. Since I was once a floral designer and an avid gardener, florals, nature and landscapes are my inspiration and focus. I love to observe the soft delicate curves of the petals, the rigid lines of the leaves, and the beauty of light and shadow on each subject. My style is contemporary realism, and I love to have my work shine with light, as I paint as much detail as I can into simple compositions. I'm captivated with color mixing of the buttery oils and amazed by the challenges of transparent watercolor. What I didn't realize as I started to paint was how much of myself would be layered into each painting. When my work is sold, it feels like a deep emotional part of me is included in each piece as it is transferred to its new owner...but I wouldn't have it any other way. And for this I am grateful. My hope is that the collector will see and feel everything that I put into each painting.”

Artist Bio

Growing up very shy, Nancy didn't mind entertaining herself with creative fun, and she would often dream of being an artist. It started with elementary school, where she won 1st and 2nd place in a class art show. Then in high school, her art teacher submitted a black and white linoleum print of hers that was published in a book of up and coming high school artists. So there didn’t seem to be any doubt that she would major in fine art in college. However, under the strong influence of her mother who suggested she should prepare herself for a more practical job, she switched her major to graphic design. In the first year of college, she managed to take a few 100 level art classes in pottery, printmaking, drawing, and basic design but no painting class. Within the next year, she found a full time job with an advertising agency, so she quit school believing this could serve as an apprenticeship. She started in advertising as a graphic artist, working her way through various job titles and promotions. Then, in 1985, she fell in love and married Gus Palmisano. After 12 years in advertising, she decided to become a stay at home mom when she was pregnant with her first daughter, Amy. A few years later her second daughter, Stacey, was born.

Staying home with her girls was a great joy, and it allowed her time to be creative in many other ways. She loved to work on their home landscaping and garden flower beds. Learning from books in textile and needlework, she fashioned a holiday ornament in 1991 and won a fully decorated designer Christmas tree from a local art supply store. She faux finished walls for her home and for others, even creating her own wall stamps and stencils when she couldn't find what she needed. After she began floral arranging for her own decor, “Blooming Designs” was created — a business that provided specially designed silk floral arrangements for gift shops, furniture stores, and banquet halls. 


WC I'll Follow the Son 4 Octoner2017.jpg

Then in 1998, major changes were encountered when the family moved from Grand Island, NY to Mesa, AZ. It took a few years for them to get settled and to familiarize themselves with the area. And when the girls were a little older, Nancy opened a small gift shop that showcased her creativity again. But it wasn't long before she found the outdoor art fairs all around town. This soon became one of her favorite things to do. She was so excited to see all the fine art at the shows. It stirred her interests and increased her yearning to be around art. In 2009 by chance, she was offered a job as an artist’s assistant for Jeanne Bonine's studio art shows, who's work was an inspiration to Nancy.  Years later, after closing her gift shop, she started working for the Arizona Fine Art Expo, which hosts 120 artist studios. She thought, surrounding herself with fine art and artists year after year satisfied her art cravings. 


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Having never taken a painting class before, in 2017, she jumped at the opportunity when Jeanne started teaching classes in transparent watercolor and oil painting. It was during these classes that her true passion to be an artist was reignited. But the highlight came in the summer of 2018 when her youngest  daughter and her fiancé asked Nancy to paint a watercolor design for their wedding invitation. She was honored but nervous, since painting was so new to her. She worked tirelessly until the perfect invitation was created for them.

Browsing online one day, Nancy saw a quote by C.S.Lewis: "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

That made her stop to think: “Maybe the time is now to focus on art and to become the artist I’ve always wanted to be.” With a few classes under her wing and with the many self-educated skills she had acquired, she accepted the challenge. With encouragement from her husband, her daughters, and artist friends, she joined the Sonoran Arts League in September 2019. Since then, she has been painting consistently to discover herself and develop a style using her God given talent. She firmly believes she will always be learning and growing as an artist and looks forward to seeing what the years ahead have in store for her.



-Awarded Bronze Award in Camelback Gallery's Shades of Red 2021 International Juried Visual Arts Competition -September 2021
-Awarded Bronze Award in Camelback Gallery International Online Juried Flower Power 2021 Competition - April 2021 
-Awarded Silver Award in Camelback Gallery's International Online Juried Shades of Green Competition - March 2021
-Awarded Bronze Award in Camelback Gallery International Online Juried My Best Work of 2020 Competition - January 2021
-Juried into Camelback Gallery Featured Artist 1Yr. Residency Oct 2020

-Juried into Sonoran Arts League All Creatures and Desert Features Show - July 2020

-Juried into Sonoran Arts League 2020 Top Shelf Invitaional Show - Feb 2020

-Juried into Sonoran Arts League New Member-New Year Show - Jan 2020