Company of Angels
Giclee Canvas Print 24" x 24" x 1.5"
No frame is necessary but a floater frame or strip frame may be used.
Check with your local framer.

My daughter has some beautiful rose bushes in her garden... and they're here in Arizona! There are two reds, a white with pink edges... and white with light yellow centers. There's something wonderful about the rose. It has cultural traditions dating way back to ancient times as well as religious significance. Roses have inspired great writers in literature, in music, and the language of flowers in floral arrangements. Depending on the color, rose are given many meanings...
red = love, romance
pink = gratitude, admiration
orange = enthusiasm, passion
yellow = friendship
white = innocence, purity

When I was a young girl with a vivid imagination, white roses reminded me of angels. And sitting next to the white rose bushes, I felt like I was in the Company of Angels.



Company of Angels Giclee Canvas Print

  • Giclee is a French word meaning "the spraying of ink". Giclees are museum quality reproductions on archival canvas which are printed using pigmented inks.